Ten Things That Your Missionary Will Not Tell You

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This blog, written by Joe Holman, a missionary in Bolivia, covers 10 things that your missionary will not tell you in their newsletter or at your church mission conference. This is good for anyone within the mission field and their supporters.

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Resource Description

This blog covers ten things that your missionary won’t tell you in their newsletters or when they visit home. The following are the ten things. To read more, please visit the blog here.

1.  Sometimes – most of the time – living in another culture is hard.

2.  It is lonely and your friends and family from the States have forgotten you.

3.  We are normal people.

4.  We never have enough money but feel guilty asking for it.

5.  We feel like our children are getting shortchanged by our choice.

6.  I took a great vacation but I cannot tell anyone.

7.  We hate being judged by a standard that our judges do not follow.

8.  Saying goodbye stinks…and it is not the same in the States.

9.  Going to the States is hard.

10.  I constantly feel like I have to prove myself to you.


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