The Kingdom Conversation


Equipping Followers of Jesus to have Kingdom conversations with their Muslim friends.

Partner: The Hub Community

Resource Description

If you are intentionally serving in Muslim communities in order share about Jesus, you may experience frustration and discouragement from the lack of spiritual responsiveness you’ve seen in your relationships. Although this experience is very common, the gospel does often find fertile soil among Muslims when we return to the same message that Jesus proclaimed.  When the creator of The Kingdom Conversation learned that the core teaching of Jesus was The Kingdom of God, he adopted an approach to sharing the gospel, centered on The Kingdom, that led to many Muslims coming to faith in Jesus through him and his church within a span of a few years. He wanted to make this approach to ministry available to a wider audience, which is why he created this website. I have personally visited this sight multiple times and learned a lot of valuable lessons in how to share Jesus in a way that speaks to the heart of my Muslim friends. When people ask me for resources in how to share the gospel with their Muslim friends, I usually point them here first.


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