The Return: Re-entry Kit

Online Course - Individual, Social Network

Are you preparing to return to your passport country after serving on the field? Are you in the midst of settling in to a new normal? Our Re-entry Kit is designed just for you!

Partner: Velvet Ashes


Resource Description

It includes:

Video Class

Join Danielle Wheeler, Velvet Ashes’ founder, and Sarah Hilkemann, Velvet Ashes’ program coordinator, for a video class on re-entry. The video is packed with incredible, practical content as well personal stories of re-entry. Understand what to expect when it comes to re-entry and prepare for this vulnerable and transformative season.

Personally Timed Email Series

Receive a coupon code for 100% off our Returning Home email series, personally timed to your departure. Each week an email will come to you and speak encouragement directly to what you are experiencing. If you’ve already returned, the content will still be timely for you.

Community of Support

Receive access to Velvet Ashes’ private Re-entry Facebook group. During re-entry, it’s vital to have connections to people who understand what you are going through. This group will be full of great conversation, support, and resources for you!


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