The Road Home

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 minutes

Are you past the fun and now into the challenges of parenting third culture children? Understanding the life of a Third Culture Kid can be difficult.  This video is one element from the Grow2Serve online course Parenting Third Culture Kids. This course is for parents who have lived and ministered in a culture new and unfamiliar and who are committed to fully placing themselves into God’s hands for the sake of effective cross-cultural Gospel ministry. If you are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry and are committed to living and serving well as a family in your context, this would be a good course for you.

Parenting Third Culture Kids will afford you the opportunity to explore some interesting information regarding the development of your parenting knowledge, perspectives, and skills while living and serving cross-culturally. But, more importantly, it also will connect you with fellow learners who are in a similar life stage.

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Resource Description

The Road Home

The Road Home is a 24-minute short film about a young British boy of Indian ethnicity who runs away from his boarding school in India. You’ll enjoy watching the whole film, but for this moment, watch this short segment (16:19-19:00) where the main character is brought back to the boarding school by the taxi driver who has been helping him “escape” back to England. He is confronted by the fact that his inside (British) and outside (Indian) don’t match up, but that it is his “destiny from God” to walk the pathway of finding integration of those two realities.

This is probably a reality for your third culture kid who may look American on the outside but on the inside is Gambian or Chinese or Swiss. Walking the difficult road of being different is not a mistake, but a part of God’s unique discipleship journey for your child.

If you have difficulty loading the video you can read the transcript of the segment below: 

Boy: Why have you brought me here?!?!

Taxi Driver: This your stop.

Boy: No it’s not! I told you to take me to New Delhi!

Taxi Driver: No Delhi

Boy: New Delhi.

Here have it all!

Taxi Driver: I not wanting your money.

Boy: Let go of me.

Taxi Driver: You get out!

Boy: Please! Let me in!! I really need to go home to New England!

Taxi Driver: No England, you’re from Woodstock!

Boy: No I’m not!

Taxi Driver: I not taking you, ok.

Boy: Fine, I don’t need you. I’ll find another taxi.

Taxi Driver: That woman telling right. Same for you everywhere.

Boy: You’re Wrong!

Taxi Driver: You looking Indian, baba!

Boy: Not in England

Taxi Driver: Even in England

Boy: Get Lost

Tourist (Wife): Pete you have said that three times already.

Tourist (Husband, Pete): Because it’s the right direction.

Wife: Can’t you just ask someone?

Husband: I don’t need to ask anyone, because I know where it is. Anyway, who are you going to ask around here?

Wife: There, there’s a kid right there.

Husband: Right, We’ll ask the kid.

(In Hindi) Listen child…Where is the Red Mountain?

It was a waste of time.

Wife: We want to see the Himalayas

Husband: Oh that will really help, asking him in English.

Husband (In Hindi): You know where the Red Mountain…

Boy: If you want to see the Himalaya’s, they’re that way.

Husband: Oh, uh, thank you

Boy (to Taxi Driver): But I don’t feel Indian inside.

Taxi Driver (In Hindi): What can you do now? God has written this into your destiny.


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