Water Pump Repair

Classroom Event
  • Length: 5 days

Students will learn how to select, use, repair and maintain hand pumps, electric pumps and ram pumps in a hands-on environment. Students will examine, troubleshoot and repair the types of pumps most commonly found in remote villages. A must-have course for anyone living in an area dependent upon water pumps.

Partner: Equip International


Resource Description


This course will provide thorough instruction in:

  • Pumping systems and mechanics
  • Pump selection and safety
  • Water testing and water quality
  • Pump operation and repair
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on installation and repair sessions


“Water is the most powerful thing; it’s mission critical to know what water is all about in order to provide essential tools for sustainability and success. Without Equip, we would not have had what we needed to help the community we were in. I recommend the training for anyone in a position doing any form of agriculture. One really special part of this class is doing everything ourselves.”

-Jennifer Riddle, Marking Progress

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