We Star Exercise

Job Aid
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 minutes
  • Partner: Grow2Serve

Marriage faces unique challenges when transplanted into a new context for life and ministry. This is the complement excercise to the I-Share excercise that we complete in the course Marriage Remade. These were developed by Julie Lupien and shared by Alexis C Kenny in Married in Mission.

Participation in the Marriage Remade course will provide you not only all of the content that you find available for free on this site, but also encouragement and accountability from a course facilitator and a strong reinforcement of attaching deep personal meaning to what you are learning through interaction with peers who are in a similar stage of ministry as you.

For more information about the Marriage Remade course and to register, visit here: www.grow2serve.com/marriage

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Partner: Grow2Serve

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