Who is a Muslim and Why Communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him?

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 45 minutes

Who is a Muslim and Why Communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him? was originally taken from Life Challenge Africa. This resource is about how to share the Gospel with Muslims.

Partner: Reachnational

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That’s an easy one: a Muslim is “one who submits to the will of Allah” and he needs the
Gospel because he can only come to the living God through Jesus Christ. Probably we all got
it right, scored our points and can move on to the next question. Not so quick, please! There
is far more to it than giving a textbook definition. How about this definition from one of our
A Muslim is a spiritually dissatisfied person who struggles with ineffective means to find favour
in the eyes of his non-understanding god to attain to something that he is unable to be.1
I think that this is an exceptionally perceptive definition, obviously taken from a Christ- and
Bible-centred viewpoint. You may reflect on this in your discussions later.
But we also need to ask: How do most Christians around us feel about Muslims? How do we
relate to the Muslims we come across? And what do Muslims say about themselves?
Furthermore what influences, beliefs and practices mould the life of a Muslim and how does
his religion “Islam” affect him?…


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