Commune: Closer to Christ, Farther from Fear

Virtual Conference
  • Partner: Velvet Ashes

This is a virtual retreat made just for women. There are many activities to participate in and share with others around the world! This retreat focuses on pulling closer to God and letting your fears go. To read more about this retreat click below.

Partner: Velvet Ashes


Resource Description

What the retreat includes

  • A Retreat/Journal Guide – walking you through a personal time of Scripture meditation and all of the Retreat elements.
  • Host Guide – helping you host a group retreat that’s right for you.
  • Testimonies from women serving around the world
  • Session Video – (57 min) helping you identify your fears and move intentionally into closer communion with Christ.
  • Live Chat – recording with the VA Leadership Team
  • Creative Ways to Refresh:
    • Music – 3 downloadable music albums from Eine Blume
    • Exercise – 1 hour downloadable holy (Christ-centered) yoga exercise video
    • Art – 5 printable coloring pages
    • DIY spa treatments
    • Food & drink recipes


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