The Scaredy Cats

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  • Approximate Time Commitment: 20 minutes

This family discussion guide is part of our series of Family Discussion Guides of Books to Read with Your TCKs. This book, The Scaredy Cats, is a great tool for discussing fear and anxiety with your children.  

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Resource Description

Below you can find an activity to use along with the book.

Before reading, as these questions…

Are there times that you are afraid?

People say that a healthy fear is a good thing. Why?

But there are times when fear keeps us from doing good things. Let’s read this book and find out about a family of scaredy cats.

After reading, discuss…

Did the Scaredy Cat family live a fulfilling life or were they limited by their fears? How?

What were they missing out on?

What was the lesson learned and who taught them?

What can we personally learn from the story?


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